My Heart is to worship, my will is to serve You, my hope is to please You, my aim is to bring glory to Your name!  These lyrics penned by DeSean embody the very essence of his existence and why he is so passionate about sharing his gifts and talents globally. DeSean is a multi-faceted individual covering multiple lanes in ministry.


During his tenure as a minister of music, he supported the vision of the church by training the worship team on how to create and sustain an atmosphere conducive to the movement of the Holy Spirit.  Beyond the Sunday morning experience, DeSean is a gifted pianist, psalmist, and writer.   His unique voice captivates listeners and his lyrical content and arrangements will usher you into the presence of God.  DeSean never credits himself for composing, always the Holy Spirit, being that he can only compose what he hears.  DeSean has been featured as a songwriter in the Gospel Music Workshop of America, and is becoming a recognized and sought after songwriter for artists and groups around the country.  


Pastor Michael Randle stated, “DeSean Horne doesn’t just preach…he ministers.”  This truly is the heart of DeSean, beyond delivering a good sounding message; he takes the time to minister to the needs of the people.  The word that God has given him is relevant and powerful.  His expository style of preaching breaks down biblical principles of God with accuracy and clarity, enabling listeners from all walks of life to understand. 


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